Wineries Buying BVGG Grapes

With only a handful of bonded wineries within the appellation boundaries, Bennett Valley growers recognize that the fruit we produce and sell to others will have a direct impact on Bennett Valley’s reputation as a wine growing region. Our cool climate naturally limits tonnages and quality is the clear path to success. Growers are proud of our affiliations with the wineries to which we provide fruit.  Indeed, we view these relationships as long term partnerships and share a vested interest in our mutual success.


Baldassari Family Wines www.bfwwine.com


Benovia Winery www.benoviawinery.com


Bjornstadt Cellars www.bjornstadcellars.com


Bodega Rancho www.bodegarancho.com


Bure Family Wines www.burefamilywines.com


Carlisle Winery www.carlislewinery.com


Chateau Boswell/Jacquelynn Wines www.chateauboswellwinery.com


Comartin Cellars www.comartincellars.com


Cowan Cellars http://www.cowancellars.com


Crazy Flower www.crazyflowerwines.com


Deloach Vineyards www.deloachvineyards.com


Eric Kent Wine Cellars www.erickentwines.com


Ferrari Carrano Winery www.ferrari-carano.com


Gloria Ferrer www.gloriaferrer.com


Highflyer Wines www.highflyerwines.com


Jackson Family Farms www.kj.com


Joseph Gary Cellars www.josephgarycellars.com


Jus Soli Winery www.jussoli.com


Kunde Estate www.kunde.com


La Crema www.lacrema.com


Landmark Vineyards www.landmarkwine.com


MacClaren Wine Company www.maclarenwinecompany.com


Meander Wines www.meanderwines.com


Meker Vineyards www.meekerwine.com


Morlet Family Vineyards www.morletwines.com


Poppy Seed Cellars http://nielsj.users.sonic.net/3099/


Quintessa www.quintessa.com


Red Car Wine www.red-car-wine.com


Robinson Wines www.kieranrobinsonwines.com


Rodney Strong www.rodneystrong.com


Sandler Wine Company www.sandlerwine.com


Selby Winery www.selbywiner.com


Shane Wines www.shanewines.com


Sonoma Cutrer Vineyards www.sonomacutrer.com


TOR Kenward Family Vineyards www.torwines.com


Williams Selyem Winery www.williamsselyem.com

“With its cool climate and rock-strewn soils, Bennett Valley is quickly emerging as a premiere appellation for early- to mid-season varietals. Syrah is proving to be particularly at home in Bennett Valley, producing terroir-driven wines of uncommon richness and complexity.”
- Mike Officer, Winemaker Carlisle Winery